Kids Corner: Daisy Dawson Is On Her Way! by Steve Voake

It Doesn’t Get Any More Fun Than Daisy Dawson!

Daisy Dawson is on Her WayDaisy Dawson Is On Her Way!
by Steve Voake

Series: Daisy Dawson (Book 1)
Publication Date: March 2009
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Length: 99pp
Age Range: 6 to 9
ISBN-13: 978-0763642945

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Publisher Synopsis

Even though Daisy Dawson is late for school — again — she can’t help but stop to free a butterfly trapped in a web. And when she does, something amazing happens! Now Daisy can understand everything animals say, from her favorite farm dog, Boom, to the classroom gerbils, to a singing-and-dancing ant. And it’s a lucky thing, too: When Boom goes missing, the girl conspires with a horse and squirrel to come to the rescue. Sweetly illustrated in black and white, this charming story is sure to enchant young animal lovers everywhere.

My Review

I love Daisy! I’m currently reading four other books and was feeling bogged down. I wanted to read something light and happy, and Daisy Dawson was just the girl to read about!
Daisy is not a bad girl — she’s not devilish or snarky or otherwise bad-tempered. She’s just a dreamer who gets distracted, loses track of time, and is habitually late for school.
In this first Daisy Dawson tale, we follow Daisy on adventures that come as result of her sudden ability to hear, understand, and interact with animals. This is a delightful book for young readers. Or for a grown-up reader like me, whose inner child is alive and well. Can’t wait to see what kind of adventures Daisy will have in the next installment!
— Dawn Teresa


5 Hearts - Final

5 of 5 Hearts. It Doesn’t Get Any More Fun Than Daisy Dawson!

Daisy Dawson is as likable a heroine as they come, and young readers will be entertained by her story and want to continue following her adventures!


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