Celebrating Children’s Book Week May 12 – May 18th

 Children's Book WeekHooray for
Children’s Book Week!

Today marks the beginning of the 95th annual Children’s Book Week, a coast-to-coast literary initiative and celebration.

To learn more about Children’s Book Week and find out about related events, visit this page.

I’m so excited to champion children’s reading. When a child opens a book, they are opening their mind to a world of possibilities! Literacy is the most important life skill one can have.  Reading is not only a tool for learning, knowledge acquisition, and achievement, it can and should be a lifelong way to HAVE FUN!


Celebrate With Me

All week here at ReadLove, I’ll be talking about and sharing about children’s books. Some of my most vivid childhood memories involve reading.

Some Early Favorites:

FrancesBedtime For Frances by Russell Hoban

This is the book I remember wanting to read and have read to me. Over and over. And over! I loved the little badger Frances and relished singing along with her:

“A is for apple, B is for bear, C is for crocodile, coming his hair…S is for sailboat, T is for Tiger, U is for underwear down in the drier.”

I just couldn’t get enough! My demands were so frequent and so insistent that my resourceful mother recorded herself reading Bedtime For Frances so I could hear it whenever I wanted!

Green Eggs and Ham



Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Who doesn’t love Doctor Seuss?! This is another title I couldn’t get enough of. Borrowing a page from Mom’s book, my sister Shannon decided to try her hand at this one and made her own cassette recording.

Before you knew it, these recordings weren’t enough for me. Mom got wise and bought me storybooks that came with an accompanying prerecorded cassette. You know, the kind that sounded a chime when you reached the end of the page? So I happily spent hours alone in my room reading and listening to stories like Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Three Little Pigs. I even had Star Wars books!

Some Book Series I Read to Myself (and often!)


I loved reading about George and the man in the yellow hat!

Just as I loved Frances the badger, I loved this family of bears. I happily read these books, even when my reading skills had advanced beyond them.

Just as I loved Frances the badger, I loved this family of bears. I happily read these books, even when my reading skills had advanced beyond them.


Last, But Certainly Not Least:

Sidewalk Ends

Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

I was introduced to this magical title at school in second grade. It was read aloud to us on occasion, probably when we were especially well-behaved, because the class — me included! — demanded it. This classic gem is my earliest memory of specifically asking my mother to buy me a book. I didn’t want for books, but since Mom was a librarian, we mostly borrowed them from the library. When she gave me Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic, I proudly brought them to school for show and tell, triumphantly proving to all my peers that I had my own copies of these treasures. I shudder now to recall that, by the time I brought them home, cherry Kool-Aid from my lunch thermos had leaked onto their pages!


Thus concludes my first visit into the colorful world of Children’s books. I’d love to hear your own memories of stories and fictional worlds that captivated you as a child!

Be sure to join me again tomorrow for another post celebrating Children’s Book Week!



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