The Week in Reviews: ReadLove Recap For the Week Beginning July 7th

It’s been a busy week at ReadLove ! If you’ve been busy, too, then here’s what you missed! 

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Monday:When Calls The Heart - The Dance

DVD Review: When Calls The Heart: The Dance


5 of 5 hearts. Touching, Top Notch Positive Family TV. When Calls The Heart: The Dance continues the high-caliber work of this Hallmark Channel original series. Thankfully, Season 1 (which contained 12 episodes) garnered a devoted following and the Hallmark Channel has committed to a second season which will begin airing in May of 2015.

Tuesday:Oliver and the Seawigs

Kids Corner: Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve


5 of 5 hearts. A Delightfully Imaginative Tale of Derring-Do. Philip Reeve’s Oliver and the Seawigs is an endearingly idiosyncratic tale that, together with the whimsical three-color illustrations of Sarah McIntyre, will capture the imaginations of intermediate readers ready to venture out from early chapter books into more challenging waters. (Since this is the start of a series, further fantastical journeys await! Next up: Cakes in Space !)

Wednesday:The Dance

DVD Giveaway: When Calls the Heart: The Dance

I’ve got one copy of this beautiful 5 hearts DVD I reviewed on Monday to give away.

But, Hurry!

Giveaway Ends Sunday, July 13th at 11:59 pm ET

Thursday:Girl Reading -Charles Edward Perugini

Read Your Way to Relaxation: Reading As Stress Relief

Recently, I returned home from work stressed out. Luckily, there was a happy ending. I found a study that confirmed what I have long suspected: Reading is hard to beat when it comes to stress relief.




Friday:Veil of Tears

DVD Review: Veil of Tears – A Saylors Brothers Film

4.5 Hearts - CD - DVD

4.5 of 5 hearts. Eye-Opening, Heartbreaking Documentary. Veil of Tears opens viewers eyes while shinning a spotlight into the dark, unspoken places of Indian society. I urge you, even if you do not buy or view this film, to educate yourself on the plight of Indian women (and Asian women at-large). And once your eyes are opened, please look into your heart and find a way to help enact change.


Saturday:Dove  Promises Dark

Gratitude Begets Gratitude: Count Your Book Blessings

I have learned that when chocolate speaks, I’d be foolish not to listen. Inspired by Dove Promises, in this post I discuss the importance of gratitude and count some of my book-related blessings.


And that’s everything that happened on ReadLove this week. See you next week!

Until then, I’d love it if you shared a bit about your week in the comments!


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One thought on “The Week in Reviews: ReadLove Recap For the Week Beginning July 7th

  1. Kebba Buckley Button July 13, 2014 at 8:51 PM Reply

    Dawn, thanks for all your thoughts on these stories/books. What a superb idea, to summarize what you’ve offered for the week. Especially during a blog challenge with daily posts, that’s a great thing. And thanks again for citing the study that said reading reduces stress!


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