Eating My Own Words: It’s Not “About Me”

I’m doing this for me.

Yep. Once upon a time, that’s what I said about my blog. When starting out, faced with “serious doubts about there being an audience who would care to read my blog,” I resolved to make an effort. Despite misgivings, in spite of myself, I was going to do this thing. For me. I was “going to enjoy writing about books for the sake of nurturing my own love of the written word.” 

I’ve learned a lot in the process of writing this blog. And though it may have taken some time to open my eyes to its purpose, I’m not too proud to admit that I was wrong. So here I am, eating my own words. It’s not about me. It was never about me.

I hear you. Yes, you. You’re giving me the what for. “Sure, woman,” you scoff. “Sure it’s not about you! I’ve seen all your tweets and Facebook posts. Your Pinterest pins, your Amazon and Goodreads reviews. Don’t tell me it’s not about you! If you think that’s not self-promotion, you’ve got another think coming….”

You’re right. I’m trying my darndest to draw traffic to the site. I want people to read my reviews. I want to promote my blog. I want hits. I want people to listen to me. But it’s not for me that I want these things. When I read a special book that brings me joy, I want other readers to know that joy. When a book brings me to tears, I want others to sniffle, dab at their eyes, and rub their noses with the backs of their hands. Heck, I want folks to sob and cry on the very pages in the very places where I did. I want them to laugh at the jokes I thought were funny. I want people to feel and experience what I did. But if not to validate myself, then why?

Spotlight with BookThe answer is simple. I want to say thank you. I want to give back. Another human being poured herself into the book. Gave of himself to make me happy. To allow me to dream or to explore. To help me to feel and to give words to my unspoken feelings. To remind me that heroes still exist. That love never dies. That truth is not a lie.

Yes. Books do all these things and more. And when I read a good one, I benefit from the experience in so many ways. Books have given me so much. Sometimes when I’m broken, they put me back together by keeping me in touch with my own humanity. And though I may be a glutton, I’m not a monster. So after sampling — devouring — a book, I’ll not merely lick my lips, wipe my chin, and look for the next tasty tidbit.

Grateful creatures give thanks. Recognize blessings. Repay debts. It’s only right that I give back in the best way I know how. That’s what this blog is about. So, dear reader, whenever you hear me calling out, “Look at me! Look at me!”, I’m really saying, “Thank you, dear Author, for the beauty I just received. Please accept my sincere gratitude!”

— Dawn Teresa



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3 thoughts on “Eating My Own Words: It’s Not “About Me”

  1. C. Miller July 18, 2014 at 2:13 PM Reply

    This was really beautiful.


  2. Judy Yaron PhD July 19, 2014 at 2:28 AM Reply

    And thank you, Dawn, for being their amplifier! HUGS ❤


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