DVD Review: Rocky Road Starring Mark Salling

Sweet, Summer Feel-Good Fun

Rocky Road coverRocky Road Starring Mark Salling
Directed by Brian K. Roberts
Written by Neal H. and Tippi Dobrofsky

Release: September 2, 2014
Running Time: 90 minutes
Starring: Mark Salling, Nicholas Campbell, Deborah Tennant, Rebecca Dalton

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 About the Movie

Sometimes the best road is the Rocky Road home.

When Harrison, a young hot shot Wall Streeter, loses his job and expensive lifestyle due to a failed merger, he’s forced to move back in with his parents and take over his old ice cream truck route for his fathers dwindling business. Having spent a lifetime looking up to the power brokers of Wall Street and looking down on the simple ways of his small-town father, Harrison starts to appreciate his father’s values and find the faith that he lost along the way.

My Review

Wall Street executive Harrison Burke (Mark Salling) is living largbest_road1fb600x600_round31_rockye in the Big Apple. Until he’s laid off, that is. Jobless, homeless, friendless, and burdened by debt, his only recourse is to go back home to mom and dad’s place in a small New Hampshire town he had been determined to leave behind. Cocky and proud, and desperately hoping his situation is temporary, Harrison hides the truth from his parents and his former employer. Soon enough he slides back into adolescence, wasting his days playing video games, until his father puts him to work — back on the family ice cream truck he drove in high school.

I’m really beginning to love films like Rocky Road  that employ a small but talented and engaging cast to relate a simple message. Equally equipped to play the swaggering go-getter and the disarmingly charming guy next store, Mark Salling is perfectly cast. Salling especially shines during comedic moments, recalling the comic talents of a young Brendan Fraser. Nicholas Campbell brings such realism to the role of Ben Burke that you’d swear the guy has spent years breaking his back selling ice cream. And Deborah Tennant is lovably quirky in her role as Harrison’s mother Marla. Perhaps because her current passion is serving meals exclusively on sticks, your first impression is that she’s affectionate but clueless. As it turns out, she and dad are both more savvy than you think! Lastly, whether it be the cantankerous neighbor down the street, the town Reverend, the teenager in his father’s employ, or his old high-school sweetheart, the rest of the assembled cast are a collective joy to behold.

Rocky Road chronicles Harrison Burke’s journey toward self-awareness. He learns to enjoy and appreciate the quieter, slower pace of small-town life. While driving the truck, Harrison learns — through mistakes and missteps — that life is about more than dollars and cents. In addition to finding that he and his father have much in common, Harrison realizes that financially-strapped Dad is wealthier by far than any Wall Street climber. For the true measure of a man is found not in the depth of his pockets or the size of his expensive account, but in immeasurable riches like family, friendship, faith, service, and love.

— Dawn Teresa


4 Hearts - CD - DVD

4 of 5 Hearts. Sweet, Summer Feel-Good Fun.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Fox’s Glee, you’ll enjoy this charming, heartfelt UP TV original film and the lessons it imparts through humor and ice cream. With Rocky Road, husband and wife team Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky (whose recent writing credits include Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart) have scripted a sincere, humble, never preachy treat that will melt even the hardest of hearts!

Upcoming Air Times On UP TV

Monday, Aug 4: 9PM ET

Sunday, Aug 10: 6PM ET

Tuesday, Aug 12: 9PM ET



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