The Week in Reviews: ReadLove Recap For the Week Beginning August 18th

Another week has passed here at ReadLove ! Here’s what you missed! 

When Calls The Heart was front and center with a review of the latest DVD offering on Monday, the announcement of another giveaway on Tuesday, and the selection of a winner on Saturday!

As for the book reviews, ravens haunt both covers. In Teen Zone, Jennifer tells you what 5-Heart rated Born Wicked is not, what it is, and why you should read it. Meanwhile, in Kids Corner, I explain why Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle had a bumpy landing.


Monday:When Calls The Heart - Second Chances

DVD Review: When Calls The Heart: Second Chances




5 of 5 hearts. High-Caliber Television That Nourishes the Heart. When Calls The Heart: Second Chances continues a standard of excellence for which this Hallmark Channel Original Series is known, raising by yet another notch what was already a high bar.  [Read more…]

Tuesday:Episode 7 - intelligence test

DVD Giveaway: When Calls The Heart: Second Chances

My sponsor set aside one copy of When Calls The Heart: Second Chances for me to give away! I named the winner on Saturday, August 23rd at 3PM ET.  [Read more…]


Thursday:BW pbk

Teen Zone: Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

5 Hearts - Final



5 of 5 Hearts. An Absorbing and Bewitching Alternate History. If Jane Austen and Nathaniel Hawthorne had collaborated on a novel, it would have looked something like Born Wicked. A nicely written, imaginative excursion into an alternate past, with a good balance of suspense, romance, and plot complications to keep the pages turning quickly.
[Read more…

— Jennifer Michelle

Friday:Gabriel Finley

Kids Corner: Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle by George Hagen

3.5 Hearts - Final



3.5 of 5 hearts. Intriguing, Macabre Mystery-Ride Morphs into Mediocre Sentimental Journey. George Hagan’s first flight into middle grade fiction begins with beautifully melancholic notes teeming with promise. Sadly, Gabriel Finley and The Raven’s Riddle trades in its singular garb mid-flight for ill-fitting Harry Potter hand-me-down clothes.
[Read more…]

Saturday:Giveaway graphic

DVD Giveaway: When Calls The Heart: Second Chances – We Have a Winner!

Lori B. was randomly selected by Rafflecopter as the winner of the ReadLove When Calls The Heart: Second Chances DVD giveaway!  [Read more…]



And that’s everything that happened on ReadLove this week. See you next week!

Until then, I’d love it if you shared a bit about your week in the comments!


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