Non-Fiction Shelves: The Pirates Own Book by the Marine Research Society

As Exciting and Grisly as a Pirate Raid!

The Pirates Own Book
by the Marine Research Society

Reprint Edition: May 24, 1993
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc.
Length: 469pp
ISBN-13: 978-0486276076

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Publisher Synopsis

In these delightfully melodramatic accounts, originally published in an extremely rare 1837 volume, you’ll find true stories of the diabolical desperadoes who plundered ships on the high seas and murdered their passengers and crews.

My Review

Okay. You’ve spent the day talking like a pirate, now it’s time to read about pirates! The Pirates Own Book is a great place to start. Subtitled Authentic Narratives of the Most Celebrated Sea Robbers, the book is packed with adventure, high-sea ambushes, life-or-death moments, bloody killings, and yes, executions — because pirates didn’t generally get to retire and live peacefully off their booty. Nearly every famous pirate’s story is told: Captain Kidd, Black Beard, Jean LaFitte, Anne Bonney, and a score of other maritime bandits. The illustrations, reproduced from the original, do an excellent job of depicting the violence and mayhem of a pirate’s life, and the terror and destruction suffered by his unfortunate victims.

And should you want to sing like a pirate, there’s a song for you, too:

To the mast nail our flag, it is dark as the grave,
Or the death which it bears while it sweeps o’er the wave….

Yo-Ho-Ho, indeed!!

— Jennifer Michelle


4 of 5 Hearts. As Exciting and Grisly as a Pirate Raid!

Not for the faint of heart, The Pirates Own Book will shiver your timbers! Argh, matey!



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