CD Review: Out on a Limb by Wes Hampton

Out on a Limb
by Wes Hampton

Release Date: October 14, 2014
Label: Word Entertainment
Length: 48 minutes, 29 seconds

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  1. Reality (featuring Jason Barton) (Sam Mizell, Jason Barton)
  2. Need Him The Most (featuring the Martins) (Sam Mizell, Carl Cartee)
  3. Wrestling The Wind (featuring Charlotte Ritchie) (Kip Fox, Sam Mizell)
  4. Nothing Can Take You From Me (Kenna West, Lee Black)
  5. Weakest Part (Bernie Herms, Sam Mizell)
  6. Out on a Limb (featuring the Hampton Boys) (Wes Hampton, Joyce Martin Sanders, Sam Mizell)
  7. Echo Of You (featuring Steve Green & David Phelps) (Dwight Liles, Sam Mizell)
  8. You Can’t Hold Me Back (Kip Fox, Sam Mizell)
  9. My Father’s House (featuring David Phelps) (Kip Fox, Sam Mizell)
  10. Cross On A Hill (Kip Fox, Sam Mizell)
  11. Eternal (Kip Fox, Sam Mizell)
  12. He Is Here (Live version with Marshall Hall) (Kirk L. Talley)

My Review

Out on a Limb is a major label release of Wes’ independently released album, Reality. In terms of music, the two CDs are identical, except that track 6, “Me and God”, is now titled “Out on a Limb”. My review of the excellent (4 Hearts!) Reality is here.


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