The Week in Reviews: ReadLove Recap For the Week Beginning February 9th


Another week has come and gone at ReadLove ! Here’s what you may have missed:


Christian Chapters: The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen

4.5 of 5 Hearts. Bewitching in Mystery, Fostering in Message. With The Secret of Pembrooke Park, award-winning author Julie Klassen strikes a delicately perfect balance between romance, mystery, and edification. Reading a Klassen novel is as refreshingly restorative as a garden stroll!  [Read the full review]





Kids Corner: The Magical Animal Adoption Agency – Clover’s Luck by Kallie George



4 of 5 Hearts. A Delightful Tale of How a Girl Changed Her Luck. The Magical Animal Adoption Agency: Clover’s Luck is a charming series opener with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of heart. Give this to animal-loving fans of books like the Daisy Dawson series who are ready for a more challenging read but not yet ready for Redwall.  [Read the full review]


Kids Corner: T.A. Barron – “Countdown to a Meaningful Life” Week 3: Knowledge

ReadLove joins T.A. Barron for a special blog series to celebrate the upcoming publication of The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life. This seven-week countdown campaign will be based on Merlin’s answer to the question, “What is the meaning of life?”

Surprisingly, the answer has only seven words…but they are the most powerful words of all.

Join with us each week as we focus on one of these magical words with supporting content that will help us acknowledge, reflect, practice, and get inspired to embark on a new adventure or live life to its fullest.

Third Magical Word: Knowledge  [Read the full article]


DVD Review – When Calls The Heart: Rules of Engagement



4.5 of 5 Hearts. Outstanding Episodes but DVD Marred By Deletion of Significant Scene. When Calls The Heart: Rules of Engagement ties a beautiful bow on what was an altogether too brief first season. The combined cast continues to raise the bar, setting up great expectations for the second season. The only disappointment was the deletion of a key final scene. While I’d like to erase that scene from the books given the chance, the DVD feels incomplete without it.  [Read the full review]

That’s everything that happened on ReadLove this week. See you next week!

Until then, I’d love it if you shared a bit about your week in the comments!


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