Kids Corner: Read a Chapter, Save a Tree with T. A. Barron

May 5th marks the release of the second installment in the Atlantis Saga by T. A. Barron, best-selling author of The Merlin Saga.

T. A. Barron is a staunch conservationist. Atlantis in Peril, like many of his works, has a thematic focus on nature preservation. Celebrate Earth Day with T. A. Barron! Barron is working with to help restore the world’s forest ecosystems.  For each free download of the first chapter of Atlantis in Peril, they will plant a tree! So, do your part to help Mother Earth — and help yourself to a good read!


If you like to start at the beginning, that’s okay, there is also a free prequel to the series available on T. A. Barron’s website called Never Again: The Origin of Grukarr. To download the prequel, which examines the history of the villain of Atlantis Rising (Book 1), all you need to do is visit the above link and share the news with your friends on social media. For those who prefer print to e-books: Never Again: The Origin of Grukarr is included in the back of the paperback release of Atlantis Rising.

So there you have it! Lots of options for good reading! And, more importantly, an opportunity to help plant a tree with the click of a mouse!

Atlantis Plant a Tree


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