CD Review: Let It Be Jesus by Christy Nockels

With Her Latest Solo Worship Project, Christy Nockels Firmly Plants Her Feet

Let It Be Jesus
by Christy Nockels

Release Date: April 28, 2015
Label: sixstepsrecords

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1. Freedom Song
2. My Anchor
3. Everything Is Mine In You
4. The Wondrous Cross
5. Let It Be Jesus
6. Who Can Compare
7. Jesus, Rock Of Ages
8. If You Never
9. Leaning On You, Jesus
10. Find Me At The Feet Of Jesus
11. Wonderful Name

My Review

Worship listeners know and love Christy Nockels from her years working at Passion conferences. Still others have followed her since her days recording as part of the duo Watermark with husband Nathan Nockels. Since 2008, she’s been an integral part of the worship team at Passion City Church in Atlanta. Now six years out from her 2009 solo debut Life Light Up, she is releasing a live project entitled Let It Be Jesus.

“Freedom Song” is the perfect opener. Upbeat and undeniably energetic, it sounds and feels sufficiently giddy – like freedom! With strong rock elements as well as softer moments, dynamic “My Anchor” seizes upon the momentum established by the lead-off track and propels the record forward while drawing us inward as we consider our Savior.

As Nockels reaches “Everything Is Mine In You” things take a more thoughtful turn, until she’s deeply in worship territory. With the song stretching over 7 minutes in length, Nockels has left plenty of open space in which her listener can create a personal worship experience. The next several songs continue the trend of contemplation and reflective adoration. I particularly enjoy the strong melody and singable refrain of “The Wondrous Cross.” By the song’s midpoint, Nockels breaks the tight tune wide open into hallelujahs before finally returning to the piano melody for the finish.

The next couple of tracks, “Let It Be Jesus” and “Who Can Compare”, similarly extend and stretch beyond what their transcribed boundaries may have been — the latter is a seven-and-a-half minute experience. These are undoubtedly moments that resonate more powerfully in a live group setting when surrounded by fellow worshipers than they might if you are listening alone in your car or your living room. But given sufficient personal investment and attention, you may forget you are listening to a record. And that’s ultimately where Nockel’s passionate performances have their pay-off.

The next two songs are favorites of mine. “Jesus, Rock of Ages”, in its tightly knit four minutes, has more impact than its much lengthier predecessors. The slightly countrified toe-tapper “If You Never” arrives at the right time, injecting infectious energy and kicking up the joy quotient a good notch or two before Nockels switches gears and returns to quieter moments. Indeed, the melodious “Leaning on You Jesus” leads us into a place of thanks and trust, setting up one of the recording’s most powerful moments, “Find Me At The Feet of Jesus”. Spare with a tenderly sung vocal, the tune so gently ushers in the spirit that you’ll lose yourself in an attitude of reverent surrender. Finally, “Wonderful Name” leaves us with the comforting assurance of the power Jesus has to transform, restore, and heal.

— Dawn Teresa


4 Hearts - CD - DVD

4 of 5 Hearts. With Her Latest Solo Worship Project, Christy Nockels Firmly Plants Her Feet.

With her warm, inviting, and passionate vocals, Christy Nockels makes it clear on Let It Be Jesus that she can lead worship as effectively and charismatically as her better known male counterparts. One would be remiss to not give this record a spin, and even more foolish to doubt Nockels’ sincerity. That being said, like any live recording, the only drawback is the occasionally overly long performance.

My one caveat is this: Let It Be Jesus is not a Christian Pop Worship record that you can turn on to re-energize at the end of a long day. To get the most out of this recording, you need to make an effort. If you come to it without bringing something to the table, you may walk away hungry. However, if you listen with not only open ears but also an open heart, you’ll be rewarded with a deeply prayerful experience.

“Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing me with a digital copy of Let It Be Jesus in exchange for this review and post.”


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