About Jennifer Michelle

(Jen is my long-time cyber pal and book buddy.  — Dawn Teresa)

I had a book review blog for a short time a few years ago, but closed it down due to continued problems with the template. Since then, I’ve posted my reviews only at Goodreads, so when Dawn asked me to become an occasional contributor to ReadLove, I happily agreed. I love her blog! It’s always well-written, and the fact that it’s not limited to a specific genre or age group, or even media, is unusual and very cool.

Please see ReadLove‘s review policies to understand what types of books we consider. Personally, I prefer to review Young Adult or Children’s books in the fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, steampunk, goth(ic), and fairy tale genres. I have not had much success or pleasure in reading self-published works, so I would most likely turn those down. (To see what I’ve reviewed in my time on the blog, click on my name on the front page.)

If after reading our guidelines you think we could be a match, feel free to email me at: jen.readlove@gmx.com . (Be sure to add my email address to your Address Book so my reply doesn’t go into your spam folder!)

Jennifer Michelle

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